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Your gift will be matched!

Help us grow in 2022.

$20,568 raised

$20,000 goal

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

Give the gift of knowledge this holidays

As we gather for the holidays, we ask for your support investing in our efforts to connect kids to nature and keep the light of knowledge burning bright. Our children will inherit the earth that we leave them. Now more than ever, our work is of great importance.

More than 1 million students have experienced the wonders of nature through our environmental education programs since we took root in 1981. Every year we educate upwards of 18,000 keiki, offering more green time and less screen time. Our curriculum and educators empower children to cultivate character, compassion and stewardship through science-based observation and learning.

Our mission is full of noble purpose but our programs cost more than the fees we collect. Our reach must continue to extend beyond our campuses to touch the lives of children in the farthest ends of Maui and Oahu. In fact, it costs us about $2,600 a day to keep our mission moving on two islands and to welcome thousands of keiki every year.

We have an opportunity before us like never before. Our Board of Directors believes so strongly in our plans for 2022 that they have pledged to match all gifts made between now and December 31, up to $20,000. That means if you donate today, your gift will be doubled: $100 becomes $200, $250 becomes $500 and $1,000 becomes $2,000, for a total goal of $40,000.

Your gift will help to ensure we provide the most enriching and meaningful experience for keiki in 2022. It will help ensure we have the best resources and so much more including buses, educators and supplies. Updated field equipment such as binoculars, microscopes, water quality monitoring test kits and field guides are all part of our 21st Century Environmental Education experience. New teaching resources will allow our keiki a greater understanding of the natural world and provide resources for deeper dives to discover the wonders of nature.

Hawai‘i Nature Center appreciates your generous support this holiday season. Your year-end gift is fully tax deductible.